Fundraising Tips

Cast a wide net. Commit to asking five new people each week for a donation you never know who’s willing to help until you ask.

Make it personal. People are happy to support a great cause, but they are compelled to give by YOU - you and your personal story of why you have chosen to fundraise for Make-A-Wish®.

Ask often. Keep your fundraising efforts on everyone’s radar by sharing your progress regularly through email and social media.

Keep it simple. Always include a link to your personal fundraising page in your emails and social posts. Save it to your phone for on-the-go access, too!

Ask in person. Whether it’s at the grocery store, gym, dog park, office or sporting event, asking someone to make a donation in person is easy and powerful.

Be specific. Use your birthday or other milestone to add a personal twist to your ask, such as $42 for your 42nd birthday or $15 for your 15th wedding anniversary.

Take your fundraising to work. Collaborate with your boss and human resources department to hold drawings for front-door parking spaces, bonus casual dress days and free afternoons off with all proceeds going to help Make-A-Wish®. Some companies even match charitable donations!

Start your own Facebook challenge. Offer friends and family a reward, such as funny thank you video, poem or song, for everyone who donates during a specific time.

Follow-up! Have some of your friends or close family members still not responded to your donation request? Don't be afraid to send them a quick reminder with the link to donate.

Make fundraising a part of your daily routine. Think about the people that you see as you go about your regular routine - hair stylist, real estate agent, church leader, mailman, doctor or other local businesses. These are the perfect people to ask to donate! Save the link to your personal fundraising page to your phone so supporters can donate on the spot!

Turn fundraising into a party. Gather your friends and neighbors to watch the big game, your favorite show’s finale or the next awards show at your place and collect donations at the door.

Post on social media often. Keep your fundraising efforts on everyone's radar by thanking your supporters and sharing your progress regularly. One friend's generosity (and your gratitude!) can inspire another.

Set a deadline. Sometimes the best way to spur your friends to donate is to create a sense of urgency! Update your Facebook or Twitter status with a countdown to event day and ask them to donate today.