Driver Information

What types of trucks are allowed to drive in the Convoy?
To keep true to the traditional definition of a Truck Convoy all trucks must meet the gross vehicle weight of at least 26,001 pounds. Due to clearance issues on the route (train tracks) no low-boy or RGN trailers will be permitted to take part. If you have any specific questions, please contact Lori Dietrich at

How do I register?
You can register online here. If you're unable to register online, please access our registration form and send it to Lori Dietrich at With your registration, please include the signed waiver and your certificate of insurance. We will also have waivers at the check-in table at the Convoy. 

Is there a registration fee?
There is no fee to register, but drivers must raise a minimum of $100 to be able to drive in the Convoy. $100 can be raised through many different ways- through personal giving, asking your company to sponsor you, asking friends, family or community members for donations and so on. Once $100 is donated to your page, you'll be able to join us on the route! Please note that on average, our drivers raise $500 and up.  

Should I register ahead of time?
Yes! Although there is no true registration deadline as you can register day of, we strongly encourage you to register in advance. This way, you have a longer runway to fundraise, and you can be kept up to date with logistics. 

Can I fundraise after the Convoy?
Yes, the Convoy fundraising campaign concludes on Sunday, June 18, 2023. 

How long is the route?
The route is 26-miles, it can be found HERE. Please note, on the route map that there are two different end points, depending on if you have a wish kid with you. If you have a wish kid with you, you can return to Manheim by turning left on Strickler Road at the light then turning right on Mt Joy Road/772 at light. 

Where do I park?
As soon as you enter Manheim Pennsylvania Auto Auction, you will be directed by parking staff. Once parked, please go to the driver registration area in the main auction building.

What do I do with check or cash donations that I receive?
You can mail all check donations to 1054 New Holland Ave. Lancaster, PA 17601. If you receive cash donations or are unable to mail in your donation, please contact Lori Dietrich at, and we will schedule a pick-up. Once these donations are received by our local office, your fundraising page will be updated accordingly. You can also turn in your donations at the Convoy, please see driver check-in/registration in main auction building to turn in donations. 

What is a Top 30 driver and how do I become one?
In this year’s convoy, the first 30 trucks that will kick off the 26-mile route are the top 30 fundraisers from 2022. These individuals receive VIP treatment and recognition throughout the year and collectively raised over $300,000 for Make-A-Wish in 2022! The more you raise now, will help to guarantee your stop as a Top 30 driver for next year. After the Convoy Fundraising Campaign concludes on June 18, 2023 is when the Top 30 drivers for the 2024 Convoy are confirmed. These individuals are invited to a special Convoy Celebration in August or September to announce their rank in the Top 30 and celebrate their success. This tradition of celebrating the Top 30 fundraisers at the Mother’s Day Truck Convoy began very early in the event’s history. Since then, this special group of men and women have raised millions of dollars for our mission. 

What is a Grand Driver and how do I become one?
Up until 2017, raising $1,000 was enough to qualify for the Top 30. Once raising “a grand” no longer guaranteed a Top 30 spot, we created the Grand Driver designation. Every driver that raises $1,000+ but does not qualify in the Top 30 earns the Grand Driver title. These individuals get a prime spot in the Convoy and receive special recognition at the Convoy Celebration event. 

How do I fundraise?
Increase your chances of earning one of these titles by following some of our fundraising tips!

Will Make-A-Wish help to support my fundraising efforts?
Of course! We want you to be successful and want to make sure you have all the resources you might need such as posters, flyers, fundraising letters, QR codes, fundraising how-to webinars, and much more! Contact Lori Dietrich at

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