History of the Convoy

Clowns and wish truck

The Mother's Day Truck Convoy began over 30 years ago, when wish kid Matt wished to ride in a big rig truck and talk on the CB radio to his little sister Heather. We asked the local teamsters if they could help, hoping for two trucks. Over 40 truck drivers brought their rigs to grant Matt's wish. The drivers and Make-A-Wish staff were so touched by Matt and Heather's enthusiasm for the big rigs that they decided to make it an annual event and invited ALL of the wish kids, past and present.

The event has grown into the World's Largest Truck Convoy, and provides funding for over 75% of the wishes granted in the Susquehanna Valley.

For pur latest press release, click here. For more information, call 717-283-4868 or email convoy@philadesv.wish.org