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2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas
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Swim To A Wish is a fundraiser that was started by Wish Dad and Campus High School Swim Coach, Kelly Kennedy, in 2013. The concept is simple: swim team members join together to swim a 100-mile marathon in relay format over the course of a weekend. The impact is huge: in its five year run, the event has spread from one school to ten schools and has raised more than $160,000 for Make-A-Wish® Kansas. Funds are raised through individual and corporate donations.

The sixth annual event will take place across the state in February 23-25, 2018. The swimmers will begin Friday afternoon and continue throughout the weekend until they complete the 100-mile goal. The teammates will swim in relay race form. Each swimmer will complete 71 lengths of the pool before tagging the next swimmer who will then swim 71 lengths, equal to one mile. The swimmers swim continuously until each one completes 20 miles, resulting in 100 total miles! Only one swimmer will be in the water at a time.

Please join us for the sixth annual Swim To A Wish in February 2018 to benefit Make-A-Wish® Kansas, an organization that has served nearly 1,400 Kansas children and families during the last 30 years. Each of our wish children spends much of their precious childhood enduring frightening hospital stays and painful treatments. Our mission is to replace those moments with memories of joy and magic. A wish experience can give back to the children what the critical medical condition can take away – the magic of childhood. Children are energized by their wish – by imagining, describing, planning and anticipating it. Families and doctors tell us that a wish can encourage a child to see a future and make recovery a reality. A wish come true provides a child with hope, strength and joy.

With more than 150 Kansas children currently awaiting wishes and the wait for the wish to be granted quickly approaching just under two years, the need for our services continues to grow. Make-A-Wish® Kansas receives referrals weekly, and we anticipate in the next year that up to 240 Kansas children will be born or diagnosed with a critical medical condition. It is our vision to be able to grant the wish of every child who qualifies for our program. As we continue to pursue our vision of granting every eligible child’s wish, we invite you to help us provide that very important “yes” to kids right here in Kansas. Thank you for supporting Swim To A Wish!

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Kelly Kennedy 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas


Personal Donation Blake Chadd 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas


Devon Ferris 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas


Personal Donation Tj Lolling 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas


Benjamin Griffitt 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas


Steven Crum 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas


Personal Donation Daine Crum 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas


Zack Museousky 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas


Austin Rector 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas


Dustin Burgardt 2017-18 Wish Your Way Kansas