Walk for Wishes 2014

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2018 Walk for Wishes - Troy, NY

Kevin's Angels

In loving memory of Kevin Yager. Who was able to have his wish come true thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. I would like to help raise money for another child, so their wish can also come true.

Kevin, was able to have his wish granted through Make-A-Wish. Since a little kid he always wanted to be able to watch a NASCAR race with our father. Unfortunately our father passed away before that dream came true. After my brother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Make-A-Wish was able to grant his wish. And even though it wasn’t with my father there, it still was an amazing time and was one of the happiest times for my brother. I had never seen him smile as big as he did when he got to meet his idol NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. Make-A-Wish went above and beyond for my brother and this year I would like to help participate in making another child's wish come true also. Please help me and my team get to our goal, and put a smile on another child's face. Every bit helps a child get one step closer to making their dream come true and give them hope.

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Walk for Wishes - Troy, NY
August 11, 2018 - 10am
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