Fundraising Tips

Make a personal donation: If you are able to make a personal gift, here are some reasons why! When someone goes to your page and they see you made a gift, they know you are personally committed, which makes them more willing to give their own gift. 

Personalization is key: Take a moment to personalize your webpage with a photo and share why you are driving in the Convoy and fundraising for Make-A-Wish. We know when someone makes a personal connection to your page, not only will they give, but they will most likely give more!  

Ask 3x: People have good intentions to give but need to be reminded. We know sometimes it takes asking 3x for someone to give, so don’t be shy! 

Get your company’s support: Ask your company if they will sponsor you with a donation and put up flyers to encourage the staff to also support you.  

Ask your favorite restaurants: Restaurant nights are a great way to easily enhance fundraising. Check to see which of your local restaurants will host a fundraiser and offer a percentage back or see if they will allow a tip jar to collect change.  

Ask your family and friends: Explain why you drive in the Convoy and how important Make-A-Wish is to you. Your family and friends will want to support a cause you are passionate about. 

Host a fundraiser: They can be as big or small as you would like and are a great way to engage the community in asking for their support. Here are some ideas from some of our drivers: garage sales, horse shows, car shows, bingo, truck or treat, getting airtime on a driver radio show and promoting their fundraising page, getting a table space at a local farmers market. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless!