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The LiftEd Project - San Francisco Charity Night
Anaiss & Family
Anaiss & Family
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Dear Friends and Family,

The LiftEd Project works tirelessly to plan, organize and host events that benefit children. On February 6th, Charity Night will be held in 7 different cities and venues across the country in order to raise funds and awareness for Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area and the children they serve.

Anaiss (A-NA-EES) has a neurological disorder and is paraplegic. She has had multiple surgeries on her spine and is confined to a wheelchair. Nevertheless, if she could be anything it would be a “world traveler” because she would “love to travel to new and exotic places.” Anaiss would particularly love to go to Athens and the Greek Isles because she loves Greek architecture and mythology. In spite of her young age, Anaiss owns copies of The Iliad and The Odyssey and would love to go to a place like Crete where she could see some Greek ruins and the Temple of Aphrodite. Her wish grantors, Tim and Ann, said that when Anaiss imagines her wish, she pictures “being in the ruins, seeing the temples and smelling the sea.” Anaiss’s wish to visit Greece will take place in May and she will be joined by her parents, Karina and Roberto, as well as her 1 year old brother, Santiago.

Your donation would be greatly appreciated and go toward Anaiss and her family's air fare, lodging and adventures in Greece!

Thank you for your support!

Benji, Doug, Brianna, Charlotte, Michelle, Lindsey, Garrett, Stacy & Katie^2


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