Katiana's Story

Katiana Front

Katiana, 8
cystic fibrosis
I wish to go to Hawaii

"Thank you so very much for granting Katiana’s wish to go to Hawaii. Everything about being there raised her spirits so much, and she let me know she wasn’t sad for one second during our marvelous trip. She was exhilarated, overjoyed, energetic - the ocean seemed to begin to heal her. We did so many fun things as a family that we can never thank you enough for.

Katiana felt like a princess on her limo rides, and doing her treatments and staring out at the ocean in her absolutely gorgeous villa. The snorkeling and surfing seemed to be such natural activities for her that you would have thought she was raised near the ocean. She said that surfing is now “in her soul.”

This trip quite honestly has changed how we are thinking about our future as a family, and we will be working towards being able to move her near the ocean in the next few years. We could have never given her this experience, and we will always be so grateful to you all for such a special gift.

The Aloha spirit has stayed with us, and we hope to always keep it that way."

-Steve, Isabel and Jacob, wish family

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