David's Wish Renews His Emotional Well-being Amidst a Season of Heartbreak

Wish Kid David and his lowrider bike

David, 13
brain tumor
I wish to have a customized lowrider bike

At 13 years old, David has gone through more hardships than most people experience in a lifetime. After moving in with his grandparents and adjusting to a new living arrangement, David's brother, Eduardo, unexpectedly passed away. This heartbreaking loss devastated David. His brother had been his best friend. They loved to play basketball together and bond over their shared passion for lowrider bikes.

Shortly after Eduardo's death, David was hit with another heartbreaking blow – he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Already grief-stricken, David was now forced to make daily trips to his doctor's office to endure grueling treatments. In those moments, David struggled to find the strength to fight.

When he learned he would be granted a wish, David finally saw a glimmer of hope. He and Eduardo had always talked about their goal to own a lowrider bike someday. He saw his wish as a chance to finally have the bike he'd always wanted, while honoring his brother. David wished for a customized blue and chrome lowrider bike with Eduardo's name on it.

On the day of his wish reveal, David stood surrounded by family in his front yard, a beaming smile on his face. The moment he saw his freshly polished, souped-up lowrider bike for the first time, his face lit up with excitement. "It's perfect!" he shouted, running to the bike and touching the place where Eduardo's name was painted on the frame.

"It was complete joy," said María, David's grandmother. "The wish has brought so much joy to David's life. He now has something he can look forward to every morning. He can physically touch it, hold it and see it, and that brings him so much happiness...He is touched that he himself was a recipient of a wish."

David continues to fight hard against his illness. He credits his wish with giving him something hopeful to hold onto during a time when he needed it most, while simultaneously helping him feel connected to his brother. "He is able to see [Eduardo's name on his bike] and touch it daily," Maria said. "It brings him joy and comfort."

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