nervous system disorder
I wish to be a fashion model for a day

D’Asha always wanted to be a super model, according to her mom, Karen.

D’Asha has drug-resistant epilepsy for the past decade-plus. She has gone through multiple types of medications,tests,and studies, and continues to have daily seizures. Due to her complex medical issues, D'Asha hasn't been able to attend public school, and she missed out on some of those aspects of life. Unfortunately, her seizures cause more damage to her brain which has slowed her cognitive functions, and she has short-term memory loss. Learning is a slow process because she needs repetition for a while to absorb the information. Her mother shared that D'Asha doesn't have many friends because of her seizures, as some people are afraid of them or scared to be around her if it happens.

D’Asha and her mother moved 1,250 miles from their family, in hopes the weather change would minimize the seizures. Unfortunately, the frequent weather changes in Michigan haven't been so good for the seizures.

“D'Asha has regular EEG testing where they glue electrodes to her head, and the glue makes an icky sticky mess and tangles her beautiful curls,” Karen said. “Sometimes D'Asha loses days of life due to seizures, sleeping and recovering.”

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