Allison's Story


“I wish to have a backyard playset.”- Allison, 9, cancer

Diagnosed with lymphoma at an early age, Allison has had a rougher life than most girls. A typical day took a life-changing turn when Allison's mother noticed a small mark that looked like a bruise on her daughter's cheek. She became more concerned when the mark started to grow. In the early stages of Allison’s cancer, patches of dry, discolored skin often appear. In the three years since her diagnosis, Allison has relapsed twice, endured aggressive treatments, and recently finished a 100-day hospital stay after receiving a bone marrow transplant. 

When Make-A-Wish invited Allison to think about her most heartfelt wish, she wanted something to help her feel free from her illness. Allison often found herself overwhelmed with sadness during her lengthy hospital stays and decided she would feel the most joy with a backyard playset. She just wanted the freedom to go outside and play. The prospect of a transformational wish gave her the strength and determination to get through those difficult days. When the day came for Allison to see her backyard playset for the first time, it was a pivotal moment. She couldn't contain her excitement and immediately ran to start playing.  

Allison’s playset included synthetic grass, a shade structure, a slide, swings, and more! A taco truck was also there to celebrate Allison's special day with her family. Today, Allison's playset continues to be a source of joy. When she's not in school, she can be found outside laughing and playing with her siblings. Allison's mom shared that this is the best Allison has ever felt since her medical journey began. Her parents reflect on her wish experience as an unforgettable moment that brought a light of hope and joy – and a piece of childhood – back to their daughter.